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Virtual ER launches for Albany County residents

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Unit of the Albany County Sheriff’s Office announced a partnership with UCM Digital Health on Tuesday, bringing telehealth solutions to emergency calls countywide. The collaboration provides patients with access to virtual care during emergencies by a UCM provider who serves as an extension of EMS

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The Emerging Role of Digitally Integrated Care in Population Health

Our health care system is at a turning point. A surplus of challenges—both related to processes, as well as looming financial implications—congest present-day operations and threaten stability. Digitally-driven tools are rapidly emerging throughout the health care industry to meet significant demand, helping to streamline workflows and maximize utilization of available

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Digital Innovation Spurs Enhanced Population Health

Digital technology enables providers to have a better understanding of populations and the individuals comprised in a targeted set. This drives meaningful engagement and has the potential to elevate just about every interaction between a patient and their physician throughout the health care journey; aligned with population health strategies, digital

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Managing the Great Resignation

Motivated job-seekers have leveraged labor needs to their advantage and request particular criteria and incentives be met, such as remote work options, a more well-rounded work-life balance, better growth opportunities, and a mission that inspires. This, in turn, has motivated potential employers to galvanize efforts, revamp stale benefit packages, and

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Inflation and Mobile Health’s Impact on the Health Care Industry

Keith Algozzine, founder and chief executive officer of UCM Digital Health, discusses how inflation is impacting the health care industry, areas of top concern, and how mobile health plays into the future of health care. Learn more about how we are using mobile integrated health to deliver a higher level

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A Competitive Advantage Amid the Great Resignation

As the job market remains highly competitive, employers are looking for new ways to retain their talent, searching for new approaches to attract candidates, and dealing with an aging and soon-to-be retiring workforce. They will find value in offering benefits that meet the growing needs a market continually demands—a bold

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Creating a Virtual ER Experience for Employers

Instead of offering employees multiple different point solutions, employers can work with UCM Digital Health to create a package that integrates all the solutions in one place. Patients can access UCM by app, computer or phone. Based on the initial interaction, patients will be directed virtually to the kind of

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