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UCM’s Responsive, Follow-up Medical Care Key to COVID Screening

Troy, NY – UCM Digital Health, a provider of telehealth technology and services, announces a fully integrated, end-to-end, web and app-based solution designed to screen for symptoms of COVID-19, and provide access to a team of medical providers for follow-up care where further assessment, testing, diagnosis and treatment can take place.

The app is designed to track employee or student populations self-reporting negative COVID symptoms prior to reporting to work. This information helps companies ensure the health and safety of its employees or students and reduce the risk of community spread.

“Our COVID offering is the only solution that combines a digital health experience with expert medical care, says Keith Algozzine, PA-C, chief executive officer and co-founder of UCM Digital Health. “We can take any population and effectively decipher who can simply be screened and who needs medical providers within minutes to help provide testing and or further medical care.” 

Due to the urgency for businesses to get back to work or school safely this fall, the COVID offering allows for a fast, seamless implementation. Using an easy-to-use automated questionnaire, and AI capabilities, the system provides instant feedback as to the employee’s ability to report to work or need for a consult with the medical team. If the result indicates that the employee is cleared for work, nothing further is required. 

Should the screening indicate the need for follow-up care and medical oversight, the app will connect the employee to the UCM medical team. The employer is able to track all results in real time through an automated reporting portal. This tool also works for a variety of organizations, including educational systems.

Employees who screen adversely are provided a consult with an emergency medicine trained provider to further evaluate their ability to report to work or school and receive further evaluation, testing, and or treatment as appropriate. In the case of an indication or potential exposure or community spread, the UCM Digital Health will direct the employee to follow protocols to mitigate further exposure and help guide the company through any additional and necessary healthcare-related steps.

About UCM Digital Health

UCM Digital Health offers a telehealth service coupled with a digital first platform so that consumers have access to the right information and the right care at the right time. UCM Digital Health accepts all patients, regardless of their condition, since UCM deploys an emergency medicine team of providers. UCM then triages, treats and navigates patients, including follow up for scheduling referrals, imaging and prescribing lab work, when appropriate. The UCM Digital Health platform enables a “Digital Front Door” consumers can access as their first step and facilitates the seamless exchange of healthcare information through the care process. This complete end to end approach results in the ability to divert up to 90% + of the visits away from an emergency room, urgent care or doctors’ office and produces predictably convenient and personal care along with savings for employers, health plans and patients. To learn more about UCM, visit

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