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Mental health care and so much more

The UCM Digital Health team goes above and beyond to help a patient dealing with anxiety and other life challenges. Carlos is a 25-year-old man who suffers from severe anxiety. He has dealt with it on and off since he was a teenager, but life challenges this past year have just been a lot for […]

Hardworking Patient Gets In-Person and Virtual Care

Juan had been busy keeping up with his hectic schedule – long work hours, going to school at night, and trying to balance his personal and family commitments. Because of this, he had been neglecting his health. In fact, he couldn’t remember the last time he saw a doctor, even for just a regular check-up. […]

Immediate Care and UTI Treatment for an Uncomfortable Patient

Phyllis started a new job about 6 months ago. In her onboarding materials, she noticed that one of her employer-sponsored benefits is access to UCM Digital Health for 24/7 on-demand healthcare. Luckily, she is generally healthy and doesn’t need to seek care very often.  However, recently Phyllis has been suffering from some uncomfortable symptoms. Last […]

A New Parent’s Worst Nightmare Prevented

Kim has been going through some exciting changes in her life lately. But more important than anything else, Kim is a new mom to a 1-month-old daughter.  One night, she was following her usual routine of feeding her daughter in the middle of the night when all of a sudden, her baby began to spit […]

A Patient’s Story: A happy pediatric patient and a relieved Mother

Over the last few weeks, Kay used UCM’s Sam app three separate times to get medical care for her youngest son. “Getting an appointment with our regular pediatrician had become so tough, the earliest we could get in was 10 days away, and that was after I’d spent an hour trying to reach someone at […]

A Patient’s Story: Crisis averted in the middle of the night

Beth started having a mild stomach ache one Saturday evening after dinner. She decided to take it easy that night, resting and reading a book in bed. She dozed off to sleep early, but woke up at midnight with severe nausea and lower abdominal pain. After about a half hour of bearing the pain and […]

A Patient’s Story: Specialty care and auto-immune disease management

Mara has multiple chronic conditions that she keeps under control with medication, a healthy lifestyle, and regular check-ups with her primary care doctor and specialists. But, sometimes she experiences flare-ups, especially related to her autoimmune disease. She had been having symptoms, with severe dryness and redness on her hands, for about a month, but was […]

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