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The future of healthcare: mobile integrated health

UCM mobile health

How UCM Digital Health partners with EMS providers to deliver virtual and hands-on care for an improved patient outcome and experience.

Lisa was having respiratory symptoms and was very concerned because of her health history, including cancer and a prior case of COVID. She has access to UCM Digital Health and decided to call.

Timely, convenient care provided in the home

The UCM provider spoke with Lisa over the phone and suspected that she may have pneumonia. The provider determined that she would benefit from having a medical professional do more diagnostics on her to assist with the diagnosis, so he offered to send an EMS team to Lisa’s home. With Lisa’s permission, the EMS team arrived within an hour and checked her vital signs, listened to her lungs, checked her blood glucose, and did an EKG.

The UCM provider worked alongside the EMS crew to provide treatment via telehealth, along with their in-person treatment. Together, they determined that Lisa needed nebulized albuterol treatments and the EMS team administered the medication immediately. As a follow-up, the UCM provider and care coordinator ensured that Lisa had the ongoing prescriptions that she needed from her local pharmacy.

Team approach improves quality of care

Lisa got a high level of care, with a UCM provider via telehealth, an EMS team in her home, and a UCM care coordinator, all working together. She avoided an expensive, inconvenient, and time-consuming hospital visit.

I got better care than if I were to have gone to the hospital.” 

Her health plan achieved cost savings through an immediate avoided hospital visit and also saved on potential future inpatient visits. Quality care was delivered in a timely manner and the member was highly satisfied with the experience.

“I wish that this service was available to everyone. I plan to use it in the future. It’s really the future of healthcare.”

Virtual care and mobile health visits make an impact

Here’s how mobile integrated health makes a difference for everyone involved:

  • Increased quality of care with the team approach, using telehealth and a provider in-person to aid in diagnosis or to give treatment
  • Lower cost through more complex care delivered at home, resulting in avoided ER or hospital admissions
  • Timely, convenient care provided to the patient
  • Care coordination to ensure that follow-up care, like prescriptions, labs, and referrals are taken care of, as needed

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