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A Video Chat with UCM and AIMM

AIMM Users Conference 2020: United Concierge Medicine Interview

During the recent AIMM Users Conference, our CEO and co-founder Keith Algozzine sat down with AIMM president Deborah Ault to discuss the services that UCM provides. Nurse Deb, as Ault is often referred to, has deep nursing experience in the ER, ICU, medical offices, in home health and also telephone triage. Explaining that the AIMM nurses have long used UCM’s Virtual ER, Nurse Deb believes that it is time to connect witih AIMM users to help them understand and begin to use the more advanced model of digital healthcare offered by UCM. 

During the discussion, the two spoke about how it’s so important to always put patients first. Algozzine explained that at its core, UCM delivers accessible, affordable, high-quality, personalized care and the result is that everyone wins, the vendors, the partners, the who ecosystem — but first and foremost, the patients themselves benefit from this model. And that, he says, is what we’re all here to do, provide patients the very best care.

The expertise of an ER is triage. UCM, through its unique model as a digital front door, has the ability to take any patient, anytime, with any condition and either treat, triage, or navigate them to the appropriate care. “We’re creating a new safety net,” he says. “And it replaces the safety net of patients going right to the emergency room or urgent care centers for any and all ailments, emergency or not.”

Watch the full conversation here.

Much like UCM, Ault International Medical Management AIMM is a team of nurses and doctors ensuring patients are getting the right care, at the right time, in the right place, and for the right price by helping them to navigate both the health and insurance systems. AIMM provides Independent Medical Management for Self-funded Major Medical Health Plans, utilizing the unique Patient Centric Comprehensive Care Management (P3CM®) model, a revolutionary approach for total health and wellness. 

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