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A Patient’s Story: Getting Critical Care When It’s Needed Most

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My 75-year-old mother had been sick for a little over a week. A cough, some chills, a low-grade fever that would come and go. She was still able to do her daily activities, but she was just so tired at times.

She had visited her regular primary care doctor twice, and he was very concerned that she was not getting better. She’d had a Covid test that had come back negative, so that was good news but something just wasn’t right with her health. My mother’s primary care doctor was urging my mother to get herself to the hospital — but instead of doing that, she drove herself home. I know she was very concerned about going to a hospital during Covid.

When I stopped by to check on her later that afternoon, I could tell she just wasn’t feeling well at all. She seemed lethargic and had chills. I was very concerned. Luckily, as I was sitting there with her, trying to explain to her that we needed to go to the hospital, I knew that I could use the UCM Now app to speak with a medical provider while sitting there with my sweet mother.

As soon as we connected through a video call, I could see that the UCM medical provider was concerned just by looking at my mother. After a few questions, hearing some of the background and assessing the symptoms, the UCM medical provider told my mother that she agreed that my mother needed to go to the ER for further care, monitoring and possible tests. The UCM medical provider, in a very serious but caring manner, was adamant that my mother take her advice and allow us to take her to the ER … and somehow she got my mother to listen!

After the advice of many providers before her to go to the ER, it was the UCM medical provider helped my mother receive the critical care she needed. I think what sealed the deal for my mom is that the UCM medical provider was able to call the hospital and provide them with advance notice of her arrival. That made her feel extra special and cared for, and alleviated her concerns.

We are grateful to UCM Digital Health for the help — my mother was admitted to the hospital and has been there the last couple of days with a serious illness that she would’ve ignored without the push from the UCM medical provider.

And I wanted to be sure to tell you this as well: when we were sitting in the hospital room the next day, the UCM medical provider called to check on my mother to see how she was doing. Talk about making my mother feel extra special!

My mom says thank you, and I also want to say thank you for taking such good care of her. Without the quick and easy connection to UCM through the app, and the attentive care, my mother’s story could have been very different. She is forever grateful — and we are too.

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