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Press Release: UCM Virtual ER Announces Partnership with GPA Insurance

UCM Partners with GPA, Nation’s Largest Privately-Held Third-Party Administrator (TPA) of Insurance


Group & Pension Administrators Selects UCM’s Virtual ER to provide better patient care and alleviate rising costs of ER visit

January 9, 2020, Dallas – Group & Pension Administrators, Inc. (GPA), the nation’s largest privately held third-party administrator of employee benefits, announced a partnership to provide patients with immediate, virtual access to emergency medical care through United Concierge Medicine (UCM).

UCM’s Virtual ER service helps patients with non-emergent health issues, using technology and virtual emergency care to triage and treat immediate health needs while ensuring quality, responsive care for patients.

“The benefit offered by UCM’s Virtual ER is something we believe in,” said GPA CEO Kathy Enochs. “We are confident this service will further our exceptional member experience, complementing the cost and quality drivers behind our Metric-Based Pricing program, reducing ER utilization and creating positive health outcomes and experiences.”

With UCM’s Virtual ER, GPA offers an option that minimizes member stress, improves access to care, and ultimately reduces costs for the patient and the plan while providing excellence in care. A patient treated by UCM receives customized care with an average of 40% – 60% savings over emergency room or urgent care plan costs.

“Our partnership with GPA—the industry leader in metric-based pricing—demonstrates the power of our Virtual ER platform and emergency medicine triage approach,” said UCM CEO Keith Algozzine. “We provide the right starting point for every patient with an acute problem, while saving money for both employers and employees.”

Nearly 100,000 GPA members will have access to UCM’s Virtual ER as an added benefit delivering immediate and 24/7/365 access to a team of ER providers without the wait time, stress, and cost of a physical ER visit.

About UCM United Concierge Medicine is a national provider of virtual emergency medical care. Utilizing innovative technology to treat and triage patients, UCM’s Virtual ER provides 24/7/365 emergency services, over the phone or through the UCM Now app, using live video chat and images to treat patients. UCM’s Virtual ER is designed to provide quality emergency medical care while solving the national problem of overcrowding and over-utilization in emergency rooms.

About Group & Pension Administrators, Inc. (GPA) GPA, Inc. is the largest independently owned third-party administrator (TPA) in the Southwest, providing high-quality and custom healthcare benefit management solutions to self-insured employers. For over 50 years, GPA has combined its value of service excellence with a commitment to clients. They combine industry-leading technology and tools with “high-touch” patient care to deliver the healthiest employees and the “healthiest” bottom line.

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