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Press Release: CDPHP and United Concierge Medicine Announce Plans to Expand Program

ER Anywhere Pilot Produces Impressive Results: 97% ER avoidance, 99% patient satisfaction.


CDPHP and United Concierge Medicine Announce Plans to Expand Program

Albany, NY, Jan. 27, 2020 — With Medicaid spending on the minds of most county leaders in New York, CDPHP today announced plans to expand access to ER Anywhere. The virtual health care app – powered by United Concierge Medicine (UCM) – is designed to reduce health care costs and improve patient care by providing CDPHP Medicaid members with an innovative alternative to the emergency room.

First introduced in Rensselaer County as an initiative of County Executive Steve McLaughlin, ER Anywhere has produced impressive results in its first 3 months, including:

  • 80+ consults
  • 99% patient satisfaction
  • 97% ER avoidance

The service has been so successful, county leaders from across the state have expressed interest in offering the service to their Medicaid population. Speaking at the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) Legislative Conference in Albany, NY, CDPHP announced plans to expand the service to its full Medicaid membership, which includes 85,000 patients in 16 counties across NY.

ER Anywhere allows patients to consult with a UCM emergency provider for treatment or triage of any acute medical issue, ranging from minor concerns to those requiring an ambulance transport.

“Today’s consumers want instant access to goods and service, health care is no exception. CDPHP is excited to now offer ER Anywhere to more counties to meets those demands. Access to ER Anywhere will allow us to actively reduce health care costs by cutting down on unnecessary trips to the emergency room while still providing the highest quality health care for our members.” said CDPHP president and CEO, Dr. John D. Bennett.

Too often, patients seek care by dialing 9-1-1 or going to the emergency room. As a result, EMS agencies and hospitals can become overloaded and patients are left waiting. ER Anywhere is a new and unique alternative to the ER, providing real-time access to emergency medical providers in minutes, rather than hours. This will mean an increase in quality and speed of care, while reducing stress and cost to the system.

“New York State is currently struggling with a huge Medicaid deficit and challenges in ensuring needed medical attention is available for those in need. Rensselaer County launched ER Anywhere to create avenues of potential savings for our taxpayers, ensure valuable medical resources are available in real emergencies, and to provide Medicaid recipients with a convenient, private, and useful tool to access medical attention and advice for routine medical situations,” said County Executive Steve McLaughlin.

“The ER Anywhere service in Rensselaer County was the first of its kind innovative solution that connects health care and county 9-1-1 responses through telemedicine.  ER Anywhere is a win-win program. It expands access, improves the quality of health care and lowers costs at the same time,” said NYSAC Executive Director Stephen J. Acquario.

To access the ER Anywhere provider team, members simply download the ER Anywhere app on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop and be instantly connected with an emergency medical provider. Patients also have the option of speaking to a doctor by calling 1-866-ER-ANYWHERE.  In its pilot launch in Rensselaer County, this program goes even further, providing access to ER Anywhere through both 911 and in EMS vehicles for instant onsite triage of patients, often resulting in avoided a trip to the ER.

“ER Anywhere represents an innovative solution to an enormous public health challenge. By working together with 911, EMS agencies, County leaders, and CDPHP, Medicaid members will now have emergency medical treatment and triage in the palm of their hands. That means the power of our Virtual Emergency Room will help this population get the right care, in the right place, at the right time.” said Keith Algozzine, PA-C, CEO of United Concierge Medicine.

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UCM’s Virtual ER provides 24/7 triage and treatment by a dedicated team of emergency medicine providers through modern digital tools, including phone, video and picture. This unique approach to emergency medicine has provided patients more immediate access to care in a customized and comfortable environment. To learn more about UCM, please visit

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