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News Story: WNYT’s Health Beat Segment Features ER Anywhere

Benita Zahn takes a deeper look at the success of the program powered by UCM’s Virtual ER

UCM Virtual ER CEO Keith Algozzine with Ali Skinner, CDPHP’s VP of Communications Strategy (at left), and Benita Zahn, WNYT anchor

UCM Digital Health CEO Keith Algozzine joined Ali Skinner, CDPHP’s VP of Communications Strategy (at left), and Benita Zahn, WNYT anchor and host of the popular and informative Health Beat segment to discuss the success of the CDPHP’s ER Anywhere offering — powered by United Concierge Medicine.

In this, Keith Algozzine explains what it means for a patient needing emergency care to receive “the right care, at the right time, at the right place.” Head over to the WNYT website to see the full segment.

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