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UCM’s CEO Provides ‘Expert Insight’ Column for Wolters Kluwer

‘s platform is the only telehealth platform that integrates UpToDate, Lexicomp and Emmi content from Wolters Kluwer – trusted industry-wide for its evidence-based, continuously updated clinical content that helps to reduce care variability and actively engage patients in their health.

Keith Algozzine, founder, and CEO of UCM Digital Health guest authored an article for Wolters Kluwer on the topic of telehealth, and discussed why payers cannot stay on the sidelines in this rapidly changing digital-first landscape. Here’s a snippet from his article:

The COVID-19 pandemic came suddenly, bringing with it a telehealth boom. While providers have adapted to virtual healthcare, payers also need to embrace a “digital-first” services model, advises Keith Algozzine, founder, and CEO of UCM Digital Health. “If you’re the one who gets the patient through the digital front door, you have much more control over care, from a cost and quality perspective.”

Read the full article here:

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